Colin Conlin started his career in 1979 with Widney Well Servicing as a floorhand working his way progressively upwards to Rig Manager, Colin stayed on the same rig for 17 years.

Colin started with Grizzly Well Servicing Inc. in 1997 and worked as a Rig Manager in the Imperial Oil fields of Judy Creek and Bonnie Glen. Colin was promoted to Field Supervisor in 2001 and stayed until 2006.
In 2006 Colin went on to assist in the startup of Silverstar Well Servicing Ltd as the Field Supervisor until the sale of the company in 2011. Colin then went on to support his crews through the sale and stayed with his crews until July 2014.
In July of 2014 Colin became a Field Supervisor with Victory Well Servicing Ltd.
Colin is a hands on Field Supervisor and has a wealth of operational/HSE knowledge and experience which he has a passion for sharing with his crews.

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